Manual de calculo de estructuras metalicas

Análisis matricial de las estructuras por el método de la

Solves simple horizontal curves and all of its elements and its respective stake out, convex vertical curves, and concave vertical curves and all vertical curve elements and their respective stake out.

IDE - Armarios metálicos, tomas de corriente.

Matrix-driven application for the analysis and desn of a drinking water supply network system.

Tensión crírica de abolladura por cortante en vas. -

A - Tyco Fire Products

It requires the user to subdivide the supply system into a series of elements and identify its endpoints as nodes, using iterations to correct the flows that must pass in each pipe and the pressure generated by this effect, using a system of simultaneous and implicit equations in each node of the system, which can be solved with any mathematical method of compensation or iteration.

Aeropac S. A.

It makes it possible to analyze open or closed networks or a combination thereof, making the correction or compensation of flows and at the same time the correction of piezometric dimensions and finding a very reasonable convergence with few iterations.

Manual de calculo de estructuras metalicas:

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