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Having used a Starlht Express MX5-C with very basic software the Autostar/Image software makes me feel rather out-of-control.

Weasner's Meade DSI Astrophotography Page

For deep sky objects the auto-combine feature is OK for an initial look-see, but I prefer to capture the un-combined or raw images and process them later. Also, the contrast control is rather crude and I much prefer to take the image into some other software (like Maxim DL or Paint Shop Pro) for contrast or histogram adjustments.

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Meade DSI III Pro - Stark Labs

The procedure I use is: The software will save each individual image while building up a combined image on the screen.

Double Star Imaging and Measurement with Unconventional

Its best NOT to fiddle with the contrast settings while capturing images.

Meade dsi pro manual:

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