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The site you select must be able to fulfill the following training requirements: Guidelines for Becoming an Approved Practicum/Internship Site for Georgia State University’s Mental Health Program .

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CMH Practicum Internship Handbook 2017-2018 CREH Practicum Internship Handbook 2017-2018 SCO Practicum Internship Handbook 2016-2017 Step 1 — Read the Practicum/Internship handbook Step 2 — Attend Practicum/Internship Orientation Step 3 — Submit Practicum Application Master's students, regardless of program, and EDS School Psychology students are required to attend a practicum-internship orientation prior to starting their practicum-internship sequence. Please direct all practicum-internship questions to Dr. You are responsible for finding a field placement site.

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Program Coordinators or faculty members will be conducting the session. It is not required to have a practicum site secured to submit an application.

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You should begin looking for sites no later than the early part of the Spring semester prior to practicum.

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