Acorn bbc master 128 manual download

BBC Master 128 and Y2000

History: Acorn was a very innovative British based company that appeared in the late 70s and finally folded in 1998. (Extended basic and GFX most likely) A rare and sort-after machine, so expensive.

Ian Bell's BBC Elite Page

Among their legacy's are a long line of 8 and 32bit computers. BBC - Commissioned by the British Broadcasting Corporation as a development of the Atom (via Proton prototype).

<em>Acorn</em>/<em>BBC</em> <em>Master</em> <em>128</em> CMOS Battery Pack and Confuration

BBC MASTER SERVICE MANUAL Service Manual free download, schematics.

There were two versions: Model B and a cut-down version, the Model A (upgradeable to B spec).

Acorn/BBC Master 128 CMOS Battery Pack and Confuration

The B was pretty expensive in its day so the A was intended to help capture the home market.

Acorn bbc master 128 manual download:

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