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When a measured value is close to full scale, or at least above 2/3 of full scale, the published accuracy is meaningful.

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However, the further away the reading is from full scale, the greater it can deviate from the true value when viewed as a percentage of reading, not as percentage of full scale.

How To Use A Multimeter - iFixit

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• LCD DISPLAY - Large, Easy-to-read, 2,000 count LCD display• ON/OFF PUSH BUTTON - Push to turn the EEDM503C on and off• OHM - Measure Ohms to determine resistance of a coil or spark plug wire• CONTINUITY BUZZER - Test continuity of fuses, fusible links, components and circuits• DIODE TEST - Use the diode function to test the diode pack on a typical alternator• DC AMPS - Measure DC current to determine the presence of a parasitic load.

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Measure current draw of branch circuits• DATA-H (Data Hold) - Lock reading on the display in hard to read locations or for future reference• DC VOLTS - Use DC voltage to verify if the proper voltage level is arriving at a sensor of circuit• AC VOLTS - Measure AC voltage snals on dital MAF sensors, wheel speed sensors and vehicle speed sensors• AC AMPS - Measure the current draw of AC powered equipment in the shop• TILT STAND - Is built-in into the instrument housing• SEPARATE FUSE/BATTERY COMPARTMENT - Is easily removed for battery/fuse replacement.

Digital volt ohm meter manual:

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