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The HP-12C is HP's longest and best-selling product, in continual production since its introduction in 1981.

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All members of this series are programmable, use Reverse Polish Notation, and feature continuous memory. While a useful general purpose RPN calculator, the HP-11C offered twice as much for only a slht increase in price.

HP 10B Owner's <b>Manual</b>

HP 10B Owner's Manual

Nearly identical in appearance, each model provided different capabilities and was aimed at different user . Desned to be an introductory calculator, it was still costly compared to the competition, and many looking at an HP would just step up to the better HP-11C.

A Scientific and Financial RPN Calculator

Poor sales led to a very short market life, making it one of the most difficult of the series to find today.

Hp 10c calculator manual download:

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