Performax miter saw owners manual

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Since the motor tips both ways, the fence “wings” slide open easily for blade clearance.

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Or, squeeze a release below the knob to override the detents, then lock the override on by thumbing a switch ahead of the twist knob.

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Even more helpful is a front-mounted lever on the left that locks or unlocks the saw carriage so you can tip it off of vertical for making bevel cuts.

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After my maple plank was chopped to bits, several of these models tested impressively, but only one earned our “Best Bet” honors. Bosch CM10GD Street Price: $699 Bevel Tilt: Left, Rht Motor / Soft-start: 15 amp / Yes Miter Detents: 0°, 15°, 22.5°, 31.6°, 45°, 60°(R) Weht / Laser Guide: 64 lbs / No Base Width / Heht: 26-7⁄8″ / 3-7⁄8″ Web / Phone: 877-267-2499 It’s easy to warm to Bosch’s unique CM10GD miter saw, because it’s loaded with friendly features — starting with the controls.

Performax miter saw owners manual:

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