Civil rico practice manual third edition

Michael e. tar - American University Washington College of Law

He has defended consumer product manufacturers in state and federal courtrooms throughout the United States, including in class actions, mass consolidations, state attorneys general cases alleging false advertising, consumer protection cases, targeted marketing lawsuits, and cases alleging false or misleading product labelling.

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Carl has defended tobacco industry clients in hh stakes litation for decades, including as lead trial counsel in the defense of billion-dollar damages claims.

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Not just a "litator" or motions lawyer, he has tried to verdict a wide variety of lawsuits, including wrongful death, individual smoking & health, asbestos/synergy, mesothelioma, and business tort cases.

DEATH'S WITNESS by Paul Batista is released in trade paper

Carl has served on national litation strategy and industry punitive damages committees for major product manufacturers over a period of decades.

Civil rico practice manual third edition:

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