Manual solid phase peptide synthesis protocol

Methods and Protocols of Modern Solid-Phase Peptide Synthesis

We recommend downloading the newest version of Flash here, but we support all versions 10 and above. The efficient solid-phase peptide synthesis of a functionalized bis-peptide trimer utilizing a "safety catch" cleavage procedure from HMBA resin is described. Once the monomers are in hand, the use of solid-phase ques provides a more rapid method of bis-peptide synthesis than our current solution-phase methodology by eliminating the need for reaction work-ups and intermediate purifications.

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Date Published: 5/15/2012, Issue 63; doi: 10.3791/4112 Keywords: Chemistry, Issue 63, bis-peptides, solid phase peptide synthesis, bis-amino acids, safety catch, HMBA, DTRAIn 1962, R. Merrifield published the first procedure using solid-phase peptide synthesis as a novel route to efficiently synthesize peptides. The primary challenge in solid-phase synthesis is diagnosing synthetic progress and problem solving since no intermediates are isolated.

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Supporting Information - Wiley-VCH

This que quickly proved advantageous over its solution-phase predecessor in both time and labor. This has lead to the development of many colorimetric tests including those to identify if free amines (Kaiser Test is not generally applicable in our solid-phase synthesis due to the almost exclusive use of secondary amines or amines attached to a quaternary carbon.

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Improvements concerning the nature of solid support, the protecting s employed and the coupling methods employed over the last five decades have only increased the usefulness of Merrifield's orinal system. Other options for assessment on HMBA resin include test cleavages using a nucleophile such as hydrazine, and trapping and analyzing incoming activated compounds.

Manual solid phase peptide synthesis protocol:

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