Omega d2 enlarger manual

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But i guess once you've become a large format photographers you already have a permanent darkroom.

NEW Revised Omega D 2 D2 XL Enlarger

Very even lhting, easy handling (although not as smooth as a Laborator), and parts are readily available secondhand.

<b>Omega</b> D2 <b>Enlarger</b> Reviews -

Omega D2 Enlarger Reviews -

Although it comes with a heavy baseboard it's better to install it on a wallmount.

New Omega D-2 & D2-XL Enlarger

I bought mine for cheap, put a $65 cold lht on it (I'd need different condensers for other negative sizes, and it came with only a 4x5 one), and have quite a capable enlarger.

Omega d2 enlarger manual:

Rating: 94 / 100

Overall: 89 Rates