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The battery just didn't have enough juice to spin the engine.

Porsche Trickle Battery Charger Circuit,

I was advised to charge the battery, remove it from the car and let it stand at room temperature or thereabouts for 24 hours then test the voltage with a meter.

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Has an article which warns about disconnecting the battery without maintaining current to the electronics that control the engine and security of the car. At the least, have the codes read and make sure you have cured the cause of any codes affecting the positioning of the mechanical parts (cam timing) so that you don't lose any adaptation the ECU is doing for your problem and turn the engine on without that adaptation thus running the engine with bad cam timing and possibly destroying your engine.

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The 986 (Model years 1997-2004) takes a BCI 48 (12.1X 6.9 X 7.6"), the 987 (2005-) takes a BCI 94R ( 12.4 X 6.9 X 7.5 "); both rht hand positive terminal.

Porsche battery maintainer manual:

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