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The 94R is also slhtly lower in CCA.650CCA Made by Douglas Optima 34R 800CCA ~$165 Optima Battery link(requires mounting plate, see below) Sears 48 International #33348 700CCA ~$120 Auto Zone Duralast 48-DL 700CCA ~$96Costco Kirkland 47 Item #12850 590CCA ~$50Lets face it, if you have had the battery in the car for 4 winters and stored the car for longish periods of non use without a battery tender/maintainer and the battery fails to start the car coming out of one of those non-use periods, it's most probable you need a new battery.

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My battery failed when I tried to start it and the result was my instrument lhts blinked, I heard a destinct click behin my head from the solenoid engaging but nothing happening in the way of spinning the engine.

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The battery just didn't have enough juice to spin the engine.

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I was advised to charge the battery, remove it from the car and let it stand at room temperature or thereabouts for 24 hours then test the voltage with a meter.

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