Weather studies investigations manual 2014-15

Inventory and Assessment of Colorado Weather

New approaches to study the weather-related changes are now possible, employing hh resolution numerical models of the atmosphere in which an eclipse can be turned on or off at will, combined with the extensive coverage of good quality amateur and professional weather data available.

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Investating effects of eclipse-induced weather changes (e.g.

Agro-Meteorology Watershed Organisation Trust

Health Canada's 2014-15 Departmental Sustainable

In surface air temperatures, wind and cloud amount) has a long history, usually exploiting observations made during the eclipse for comparison with comparable non-eclipse conditions the day before or after.

Application and validation of long-range terrestrial. - The

This Theme Issue of the brings together a unique series of studies on effects of eclipses on the weather, placed in the context of societal responses to eclipses.

Weather studies investigations manual 2014-15:

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