Proxim 40100-252 user manual

Vivitar 2800, Vivitar 3300, Vivitar 252, 728, 225, 365 flash unit.

Comprised of a wide variety of powerful tools, Proxim Vision® Advanced unifies management of the entire Proxim infrastructure, within a few clicks.


From monitoring network performance to remote device confuration and management PV Advanced (PV A) provides total control Static maps based on imported drawing (area view, building plan …) Dynamic Maps directly retrieved from Open Street Map (requires Internet connection) Dynamic Map functionality supports device placement at confured GPS Co-ordinates Use color coded icons to display devices and links over the map Color coded Event and alarms display with acknowledgement Event selection in predefined list with severity selection Comprehensive Alarms threshold creation with multiple trgering criteria Visual, Audible and email alerts Tsunami® MP/QB 820/822/825/826/835 Tsunami® MP/QB 8100/8160/8200 Tsunami® MP/QB 10100 Tsunami® GX 800/810 ORi NOCO® AP 800/8000/8100 802.11n Access Point ORi NOCO® AP 9100/AP-9100R/QB-9100 802.11ac Access Point Tsunami® and ORi NOCO® legacy products Proxim Vision® Advanced can be downloaded from the Proxim Wireless website and can be quickly and easily installed.

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The low cost outdoor form factor of Tsunami® Multipoint 835 CPE is an ideal solution for large-scale wireless deployments suitable for all last-mile broadband wireless access deployments.

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This CPE is also feature rich with a carrier-grade prioritization platform supporting multiple service classes that can prioritize voice, video and data applications over the widest range of operating frequencies.

Proxim 40100-252 user manual:

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