Quickie lxi ultralight manual wheelchair

Wheelchair / Manual Tilite Zr Series 2, Top End - X-Terminator.

I suppose the cross frame assembly is the weakness. Each was covered under the lifetime frame warranty and were fairly promptly replaced.

Manual Wheelchairs Quickie LX Lhtweht Wheelchair.

The upholstery always lasts for years, I have replaced the brakes only once, and the bearings every few years.

Lhtweht <b>Wheelchairs</b> - Mobility Toys

Lhtweht Wheelchairs - Mobility Toys

I am a double above knee amputee and the amputee axle plates (they move the axle position back behind the rear vertical frame member) are the least durable part on the chair.

Quickie Wheelchairs Quickie® LX Ultralht Manual Wheelchair 1.

In fairness to Sunrise, I am near the weht limit for the chair and am very hard on it.

Quickie lxi ultralight manual wheelchair:

Rating: 89 / 100

Overall: 90 Rates