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Do it to give players joy from your unique perspective and to have fun expressing yourself. Duane Alan Hahn The successful people are the ones who can think up things for the rest of the world to keep busy at. I kept asking myself, "Is that guy enjoying the game?

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Games have a larger potential for this than linear movies or any other form of media. Take this tip from nature: The woods would be a very silent place if no birds sang except those who sang best.

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December 2015 commodore64crap

Philip Price from a Halcyon Days interview Why should you make games? Bernard Meltzer It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can do only a little. Sydney Smith Even though I enjoyed the challenge of programming, ultimately the motivation was the fans, the gamers themselves.

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I don't fit the mold of a visual arts desner or a graphic desner. Toru Iwatani From the book Programmers at Work by Susan Lammers To me games have an extremely great and still unrealized potential to influence man.

Gary kitchen's gamemaker manual:

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