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Kodak X-Omat M35-A - User Manual -

As a fully functioning, self-sustaining mobile surgical/medical center, the mobile unit requires very little setup time and comes equipped with security and monitoring systems. chair, Ophthalmic Stand with overhead lamp and complete with slit lamp, Autokerato-refractomete, Phoroptor Unit and Autochart Projector, as per specifications 2 Welch Allyn 18335 Ophthalmoscope, Indirect, as per 3 U.


The spacious desn flows from room to room offering a comfortable environment for patients and staff. ANNEX 2 OPHTHALMOLOGY CLINIC Item Manufacturer Model Description Qty Number Country 1 Topcon IS-2500 Eye Examination System with patient 3 $ U.

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Each mobile unit can remain on its own axle or can be installed on a foundation for semi-permanent or permanent use. Automatic, Bench Top, as per specifications 6 Health Care 1893 Bin, Unit Dose Medication, 3 Logistics Medium, as per specifications U.

Operator Manual Kodak X-Omat 5000 RA

Merican Bio-Medical Service Corporation (ABMSC) has developed the most advanced, fully self-sustaining, mobile medical care facility known to date. per specifications 4 Infocus TLS-266 Lenses, Trial, Complete set in case, as 3 U.

Kodak x-omat manual needed:

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