Digital camera with manual settings

Getting Started With Manual Camera

By learning to use ‘manual mode’ you will be able to adapt the camera to your studio environment and in order to create great looking product images that sell!

Dital SLR camera settings - Manual DSLR

Once you have your studio setup (DIY1: How To Build Your Own Photo Studio On a Bootstrapped Budget), we are ready to start shooting images of our product.

Dital SLR <strong>camera</strong> <strong>settings</strong> - <strong>Manual</strong> DSLR


Don’t worry if your camera is another brand as you should still be able to find these same settings on your camera as long as you have a ‘manual mode’.

How to Use Manual Camera Settings on Your

Once you have your camera, tripod and product in place, you can start by selecting your camera mode.

Digital camera with manual settings:

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